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Duane Hayes

Chief Editor, BulletproofPub

The Inquiry – The First All American Experts and Founding of CFR

The Gulag Archipelago A History Lesson

The Anglo American Establishment. A British/American Union established through the Rhodes Scholarship. Many of todays most prominent talking heads and most influential society thought leaders come from this same Anglophile, Atlanticist ‘school of thought’. Read below how the Rothschild banking dynasty funded Cecil Rhodes in establishing Britain Mandate in the Scramble for Africa, and through his legacy, the eventual creation of Israel. Leading to the rise, in the twenty first century, of the neocon warhawk and the Project for A New American Century. 

How Secret Societies Rule The World

Brave New World Order

Political Salon: a cultural hub, for the upper middle class and aristocracy

From Hidden Hand to Iron Fist

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