Bulletproof Publishers

Humanity needs a fighting chance, we need a good reading club. We pledge to gather common ground, under one banner of truth. Our mission is to empower our readers with the knowledge of history to protect from the repeat of its mistakes. All are welcome to join irrespective of nationality, race, religion or creed. Our collection of suppressed downloads was compiled to put relevant books to assist those whom are at some stage of purging the lies they have been sold.

The reading club will give subscribers a place to share their questions, investigations, experiments and various technologies amongst a group of peers. Readers will be immersed in a all inclusive library covering the literary works of man, no stone un-turned. Not all will experience the antagonist of creation on their journey towards englightment, however we have created a literary and visual website to assist the inquiring mind. Duane and the transition team have put together detailed narrations and insights into our investigations that definitively illustrate our soft landing approach to hard hitting truths.

We will adhere to principles of natural law, and the many parables that address the conundrums that befall us. We will be an open group, and all members will be educated on the practice, books, symbols, technology, and weapons of those whom are commiting crimes against humanity. All criminals have been identified, all evidence has been collected, we need only the power of the love of humans working together to expel these heathens from our realm. (Not a blasphemous new age group)

Our goal is to gather as many good souls to stand against the broken, with a unified vision of a evolved humanity that will transform the qualities of all life for the better. No, not some fairy communist utopia of opiated, souless humans just buzzing about for the sake of adding to background noise. The books, manuscripts, and various other literary pieces have not been chosen to harm only to educate. Many will find themselves at odds with the content, as such one should consider the following before formulating:

  • Rebuttals should be made with references and citations.
  • No form of disrespect will be tolerated
  • Fallacious arguments will not be debated
  • Evidence must be substansiated by law of 3

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