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Robert Howard Lord

Studied history at Harvard and Northwestern University; worked under Archibald Cary Coolidge; longtime editor-in-chief of Foreign Affairs magazine; advisor of Poland and Russia at Paris 1919;

Vance Criswell McCormick

Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University (1893); honorary MA Yale (1907); member of St Anthony Hall; captain of football and baseball teams his freshman year; civil engineer, Yale, St. Anthony Hall member, president of The Patriot Company; publishers of several newspapers including The Patriot (1902-1946), The Evening News (1917-1946), and Harrisburg Common Council (1900 – 1902); president of the Pinkey Mining Company Harrisburg; mayor of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania City Beautiful movement (1902-1905); chairman United States Democratic National Committee (1916-1919); chair of the American Delegation at the Treaty of Versailles; Wilson’s campaign manager 1916; chair of the War Trade Board (1916-1919);

David Hunter Miller

Legal adviser to Commission at Paris; at the U.S. State Department headed the U.S. Delegation to the 1930 Hague Conference for the codification of international law; wrote the Covenant of the League of Nations with British international law expert, Sir Cecil James Barrington Hurstwrote My Diary at the Conference of Paris, Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States of America;

Bradley Palmer

Involved in the creation of United Fruit Company, Gillette Razor Corp; International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (AT&T); American Palmers ancestral line coming fro William Palmer, Nottinghamshire; puritan separatists; Phillips Exeter Academy at 16; worked for the The Exonian; Harvard University AB 1888; Harvard Lampoon, Hasty Pudding Club; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Harvard University School of Law AM 1889; belonged to Storey, Thorndike and Palmer law firm, 1899; appointed to advisory committee of Federal Reserve Board 1918;

James Brown Scott

Born in Kincardine Ontario Canada; Parker fellow AB (1890) AM (1891) Harvard; Berlin, Paris and Heidelberg(J.U.D. 1894); taught at Columbia and Georgetown; dean of law school at University of Southern California and Illinois; solicitor to the US Department of State (1906-1910) working under Elihu Root; international law expert, founded law school at USC; secretary of International Law, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace(1910-1940); founder American Society for the Judicial Settlement of International Disputes (ASJSID); founder and president of the American Society of International Law and Editor and Chief of the first English periodical of its time, the American Journal of International Law; principle early advocates of international arbitration; part of American Delegation at The Hague (1908) and Paris (1919); chairman Joint State-Navy Neutrality Board (1914) official legal counsel to the administration in Great War; played important part in establishing the Academy of International Law (1914) and the Permanent Court of International Justice (1921) both at the Hague;(122)

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Other Prominent Members 

Felix Frankfurter

Arthur Balfour

Isaiah Bowman

Lois Brandeis