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What’s the scoup?

Why are there modern documents stating that Pasteur is father of immunology, but history has him remembered as a plagarist and an imposter?

We must examine what the sources said, and who the benefactors were. Let’s examine some of these documents. Today’s vaccine industry is dependent on a “Germ Theory” of viruses, how would the industry change if the Bechamps “Terrain Theory” prevailed. Bechamps Scientific Papers enumerate upwards of 140, and he was a prolific contributor to the literature of Chemistry in every department. In 1851, Bechamp presented a thesis to Pasteur, which gained him his doctorate in science in 1853. It is likely here their rivalry began.

Bechamp Father of Microbiology

Pasteurs theory was accepted over Bechamps because he had sponsors who were invested in his “Germ Theory”.

Springer Nature May 7, 1908

“Whatever may be the ultimate fate of his theoretical conceptions, his experimental work on blood, fibrin, milk, proteins, and hisposition in regard to the great and fruitful controversies of half a century ago out of which modern bacteriological doctrine has sprung, will ensure him an honourable place among the founders of biological chemistry.”


His Theories "Intrinsically sound"

We must, however, do him the justice to admit that his main contention, that unorganised ferments play a larger and more important part in the phenomena of metabolism than the immediate followers of Pasteur were willing to concede, is intrinsically sound.

Pasteurs "Germ Theory" Fraud

“Hence it seems appropriate to go over the subject in order to show the truth regarding the falsity of Pasteurā€™s ideas and claims to fame, and the fraudulent basis on which the germ theory rests…”

R. B. Pearson January 15th, 1942

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Go right to the Archive and learn the historical facts on Pasteur, the evidence is compelling. What are the implication of this? If Pasteur fraud was discovered and continued to be pepetrated as good medicine then I am pointing to some serious malpractice on account of an entire industry. It’s too big, too deep, too late. But you can still protect yourself and your loved ones by having the facts.