The 1919 Paris Peace Conference

This week’s Featured Member of the Inquiry is Isaiah Bowman. A graduate of both Yale and Harvard, Bowman is a founding member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the ‘real life Indiana Jones’. His official duty for the Inquiry at Paris1919 was Chief Territorial Specialist and Executive Officer.

Prior to being recruited by The Inquiry in 1917, Bowman was the Director of the American Geographical Society and had been on three South American Expeditions (1907, 1911, 1913), helping rediscover Macchu Picchu with Hiram Bingham in 1911. Bowman was sponsored during these trips by both Harvard and Yale Corporations, Eastman-Kodak, National Geographic and the American Geographical Society. He would be president of Johns Hopkins University beginning in 1935 and oversee the nexus of the Manhattan Project. Isaiah Bowman, this week’s featured member of the Inquiry.

We are folks just like you, however we have spent our lifetimes in the chase of historical proofs commonly referred to in all of humanities works of literature and history. Following the chain of evidence in our investigations have brought to light interesting conclusions derived from the sources that we feel should be common knowledge.

Our postion on the subjects will remain that of ambiguity, we want our readers to make their own decisions on the material we will overview. Its not to say we don’t have strong individual positions on the subjects of our expose, rather having no credentials to educate it would be improper for us to draw conclusions or build narratives that are not sourced from the reader. 

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If I’d a known what I know today, the mistakes, the losses I could have prevented. Life is an endless cycle of one step forward, two steps back. Why is this? Let’s peer into the depths of history and see whom or what is to blame for this conundrum. 

Secret Societies

Favorite one amongst many seeking to discover what lies behind the veil. Look inside, see what you will find.

Theological/Ecclesiastical Studies

Don’t be silly. Ofcourse there is a creator. What do you think they mean Order out of Chaos, As Above So Below. These aren’t just euphemisms subtly placed to placate your pallete. This is the order of things in this realm.

American Studies

As the leader of nations for the last 250 some odd years, the country I call my home, this is the first line of defense. Any questions? I’m sorry, was I too rough? Perhaps, a .308 round or 30/06 to settle the differences? Welcome to America. The home of hopefully more armed citizens then corporate employees. You know what I mean, you know exactly what I mean.

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