Let me give you guys something real fresh. Have you ever heard of Scalar Wave Technology? It’s my pleasure to introduce you to this amazing field of alchemy and science. Scalar waves are longitudinal waves, waves displaced longitudinally as opposed the common transverse wave form. See below for example.

Researching back in 2010 looking for a holistic remedy to ease a sports injury I discovered the work of a Maurice Cooke whom wrote about a whole new field of Inert Gas use they discovered. At the same time research landed a patent awarded to a Boyd Bushman as shown here.

I was already looking at Bedini inspired devices forcing magnets together through a inert gas bulb to improve music Compact Disk quality. This was immediately snatched up by Sony and that’s the end of that. There was a gentleman also working on similar devices known as Primary Energy Beam devices, which led to the creation of the Hexbeamer shown at the top of the page. Sadly, this man Stan and all his work were washed away during the Katrina Hurricane leaving me the sole custody agent of this amazing technology.

I’m sharing all this with you, because I have much more to share and it all relates to everything we’ve been studying. This I can speak on as it’s my work directly, I have logged hundreds of hours in R&D and fabrication. The benefits of this technology have the following potential:

  • Growing plants without photosynthesis
  • Bioluminiscient fungi as illumination
  • A whole new world of devices that use this new energy source (Inert Gas Energy Products)
  • Biological inference; a radian healing device to recharge a depleted human aura, combating disease, increased vitality, increased age potential, better health.

I theorize that early man achieved such long life lines due to the inert gas content of the early atmosphere, which as it depleted so did the lifeline of the animals underneath it.

My intention at the minimum is to to get our visitors thinking, asking questions, poke around the Resource Library , see with your own eyes that the words I speak are of good intention, and come with truth.