The institution of the Hasmonean high priesthood.

by Babota, Vasile

Publication date 2014 (I Chose something in this century for once!)

Topics Maccabees, Jewish high priests — History, Jews — History — 168 B.C.-135 A.D, Jewish high priests.

Coming up in the next blog its Egyptian Hyksos - Biblical "Exodus"

I swear, why didn’t the compilers of the Bible just call it for what it was? Oh, that’s right I forgot when the terms don’t suit, rename them and make them what ever you want. Define your terms they said. Fine. HYKSOS. Let’s go. We’re going flippety floppety with the ole’ what we thought we knew. Get ready to redefine on our terms, Grammar/Logic/Rhetoric, the truth will not be subdued.

Interestingly none of the books here were studied in any of my public and collegiate education. Imagine if folks were actually taught true history.

Rest assured if you follow along these digs with me, you won’t need me to draw the conclusions for you. I’m just going to post images of long forgotten books and change my diapers as my paradigms get shifted, just like the everyone else.