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I believe it was the cast out angel Azazel that taught man how to use fire. Since the dawn of mankind fire has been the staple of sustance as well as abundance, for a large pile means that you will have heat for warmth, as well as heat to cook on. Imagine being ancient man, living roughly a nomadic life style driven by food and its locality to you. Imagine now a cold winter ahead, knowing that your life depends on your ability to have and control fire. Without it, winter cold will find the death of you even in the deepest cave.  I will now show you friends, why they are attacking firewood, how they are deploying their false dilemma, but most importantly how to avoid further victimization of our rights.

Let’s take a look see at the cited paper from Harvard. I’ve got issues.

First off, why is there a large industrial smoke stack? Autism? Really?

From my understanding it is in fact the large industrial corporations owned by oligarchs that do most of the polluting in the air, water and earth. Depleted uranium in ammunition, and no oversight make the worlds militaries take second place. But all we get is population induced “climate change”. They want us to lose the plastic bags, straws, drive EV’s while they guilt trip their gross neglect of nature on us. Here we are counting our carbon footprint, living off crumbs while they piss away our tax dollars on everything but our well being. Ok, let them eat cake.

It’s most interesting where the criminal whom commits the crime, funds systems and people to push studies putting the blame on the end user consumer, whom have had no choice in how power is produced and delivered.

In order to push their Agenda 2030, which is your total reliance on their system for your life sustenance, they require to rid you of the ability to do things for yourselves. Thusly, they push and enact policies which reflect this premise. We have seen this with attacks on collection of rain water and harnessing of solar and wind energy off grid. Have you tried to find a solar panel made in the USA yet? Yeah, good luck.


Here is what they are trying to convince us of enmasse. Since they own all the media outlets and coordinate in lock step effort it’s rather easy for them to pull it off on the unsuspecting public. When there is lack of crime, and lack of criminal one must be invented to create the neccessary illusion. In this case the criminal perpetrator is PM2.5

“Tiny particles, the largest of which, at 2.5 microns, is 30 times smaller than the width of hair, according to the NYS Dept. of Health website.” 

Note right away how they take something non human, and link to a something human to connect with you. It’s to really sell the impact of how relevant this non human particle is to us humans.

Let’s look at another stunning example of puppeting the Covid tactics on the agenda to kill firewood.

“identified for PM2.5, including exacerbation of cardiovascular symptoms (e.g., chest pain, heart rhythm changes, heart attack, stroke), and respiratory symptoms (e.g., asthma),.”

With every step we see a repeat of the same modus operandi (MO), which can be directly traced via prima facie back to the good ole boys, Lippmann, Skinner, Freud, Huxley…etc pick your era’ pick your player in the game of social engineering. The game is the same, only change is their impact on education has been so profound they are meeting little to no resistance in their agenda to relinquish the population of their natural rights and freedoms. They have deployed such a vast variety of psychological as well as biochemical warfare on the population, that most folks are literally just drones aimlessly buzzing about, living their lives to serve their masters completely detached from the fact of their indentured servitude.

You know you’re in an invisible cloud of PM2.5 when you detect the scent of wood smoke while passing a house. The aroma may be romantic, but what surrounds the house and you, drifting through the neighborhood and beyond, are tiny particles, the largest of which, at 2.5 microns, is 30 times smaller than the width of a hair, according to the NYS Department of Health website. While the upper limits of tolerability and other factors are still being studied, the dangers of PM2.5 are becoming more distinct (please see sidebar).




Heart and lungs — The New York State Climate Action Council Draft Scoping Plan cites some immediate reactions: “Adverse health effects associated with exposure to wood smoke are consistent with those identified for PM2.5, including exacerbation of cardiovascular symptoms (e.g., chest pain, heart rhythm changes, heart attack, stroke), and respiratory symptoms (e.g., asthma),.” *


Prenatal health — PM2.5 also has insidious neurological effects prenatally. When women are exposed to high levels of this particulate matter during their third trimester of pregnancy, a baby’s risk of autism doubles**, according to a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives in 2014 by Harvard*** epidemiologist Marc Weisskopf and his colleagues.


Mortality — Even small increases in PM 2.5 levels may increase mortality rates. In the short term, hospitalizations and emergency medical visits increase on days when PM2.5 levels are higher, multiple studies have shown. Long term, Harvard environmental epidemiologist Joel Schwartz and his colleagues found that any environmental increases of PM 2.5, even at well below the EPA limit, significantly increase rates of mortality from all causes for the 65 and over age group.


Brain health — Using data from 63 million people, Schwartz and another team examined the relationship between PM2.5 levels in an area and first hospitalizations for Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Where PM2.5 concentration in the air was higher, first hospitalizations for the diseases were more likely.

(Can you say Cause and Effect fallacy?)  

Diana Younan, then at the University of Southern California, found that long term air quality improvement benefits the brain. She looked at whether improving air quality in late life reduces neurological disease risk for women, studying 2239 women, aged 74-92. She used PM2.5 and nitrogen dioxide levels in the air with medical data for various regions around the country, examining dementia frequency for women living where air quality had improved compared with women living where air quality had not improved. Women living where air had improved, they found, were less likely to develop dementia.


“Others have also speculated that fine particles could increase the risk for dementia, because these pollutants cause damage to the vascular systems,” Younan said. “We found that older women living in locations with higher levels of PM2.5 had more gray matter changes and shrinkage in areas of the brain that are vulnerable to Alzheimer’s disease.”



* This is just short of saying PM2.5 causes Covid! Basically same tactic.
** If only the mothers of the 1800’s knew this when no Autism existed, but all heating was done by wood/coal.
This is not withstanding the fact that its ok to inject a new born with a Hep C Vaccine filled with Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde and other toxins and carriers to attack the immune system to severely debilitate the new born immune capacity.
*** All Ivy League Universities are instruments of our controllers, they are here to serve their needs not ours.

Read Study:

Exposure to during Pregnancy and Fetal Growth in Eastern Massachusetts, USA


If you want to see what bullshit laid real thick looks like, this is a stellar example. Note the constant deflection in referring to irrelevant data compiled in irrelevant ways, plugged into an algorithm that magically comes up with the stats to support their agenda, the agenda of those whom funded these studies. You don’t get the grants if you don’t conclude in favorable results. This is the deal, this is how it works, this is how it’s always been. They love the inversion play of swapping Rhetoric with Logic, ie, only results that favor the party. Don’t worry how we got the answer, just memorize the fact. We see that with their common core system of learning that depends on memorization of facts, rather than the exercise of analytical thought and critical thinking. The big Rock himself, old man Rockefeller told us, he doesn’t want an education system that brings up thinkers, he wants workers!


Our lives are literally stretched out working to pay our obligations to exist. And if we have made the right moves, sacrificed our time for the right companies we may get to enjoy our last few years, the “Golden” years. This dissappeared off the table real fast with Covid and the policies that followed. Humanity is on its knees, marching towards a future we have been promised far more often than the one our grandparents had. You know, the one promised in Revelations, or the geological evidence of worldwide catastrophic events. Where is our choice? The story not yet written. Why should we be dragged through the mistakes of others, we need to break the cycle. And it starts by learning our history, collectively as humans, brothers and sisters. They have deployed every possible technique to subdue and divide us. They invented every form of lie, even a language that is most suitable for lies and spells. We are ritually mocked by the vast discrepancy of resources between them and us. Supressed technology, psychological programming mechanisms, biowarefare (think as far back as blubonic plague, black death, small pox..etc), these have never been naturally occuring epidemics. Poisoning the well is a fallacy that has roots in such conjectures.

General population have been mislead, deceived, and cheated at every step through out our history.

Change starts here. Read the books, make your own decision.

My sister once told me all this ash is ending up in our lungs, pointing out the ash all around the fireplace insert. She walked around “ewwing” everything dusty. I figure we have the small hairs known as ‘celia’ in our nose that help to trap such particulate matter. And when it gets overwhelmed we “blow” our nose.  It is safe to assume this is the way it has been done, however, earlier in life I remember everyone having cloth napkins and cloth diapers.

Here is what is not shown. The fire provides warmth and comfort for my family, particularly the women seconded only by the dog. Whom, despite being a winter coat dog, a vicious defender of property, will snuggle up to a fire for an hour nap pretty much daily. And if the power goes out we all still stay warm and fed. All I do is grab some coals and start another fire outside. The ash is great as a compost mixer for the garden, and if needed can be used to make cement.

Around here 45% of the house holds offset their winter heating costs with firewood to some degree. It’s a cost saving factor in most folks winter fiscal budgets. Firewood is an important part of any families emergency contigency during times of possible power outtages. We have often been without power for many days as a result of hurricanes. Just to name a few, Sandy, Irene and the many ice storms of early and late winter. Firewood has kept water pipes from freezing during these events, kept the living room warm, and easily provided the heat source for all daily meals for my family. Any study, abstract, thesis, or policy that interferes with my ability to do said activities in a safe and legal matter is a direct tresspass on my family. No level of sophistication of words, statistics, or algorithmic functions will change this simple cost free process.

I have walked you through my analytical process of decoding the true narrative of these hit pieces on our freedoms by the main stream media and acadamia. Pointing out the clearly erroneous logic used to usurp truth, common sense, and your natural rights. I plea with you to reach out to me, to voice your dismay for my synopsis of the situation. I want to know how you can still depend on the “experts” and trust ‘authority’ tp make your decisions for you. I want to know how you can ignore all the evidence just to propagate a narrative you have little or no clue of. You thought you have questions? If your way is better, by all means, be my guide.