In 1960’s the good Dr. thought it would be a kiss, close, it’s a jab.

Why do they keep spraying X’s in the sky! Nimrod, now you know.

Just as Dr. Ruckman predicted in 1960 – The TV will be used to submit the masses to the Mark of the Beast – The Covid-19 mRna gene therapy jab, which alters your DNA , officially making you a bionic human, loosing your consciousness, your SOUL!

Here’s a ph’d doctorate, numerous theological credits, the credibility of this pastor is significantly more valid then anything I can muster, but we’re both telling you the same thing: Nimrods coming back as the antichrist, the jab is the mark of the beast, and the world is and always been Satans playground. This is coincides with the FOIA request from Clintons State Dept. requesting the location of the resurrection chamber of Gilgames (Nimrod), and the buried Nephilim. Unbeknowst to you, Hillary Clinton is a top lever satanic priestess, well educated on the dark arts. Why do you think people died around the Clintons like it was going out of style? This ain’t a game. You want to ignore facts, that’s you. But don’t reflect your ingnorance on others!