Realizing that everything I have done and built up to this point is moot, in terms of knowledge, finances, business, life, sport. Literally, at the snap of a finger it could all be gone just like that. This sword is double edged however. The ratios of action, ie; the result of each side of the blade, should be tied as well. Thusly, the same statement can be made on the inverse of the operational part. Everything I can dream, can be mine at just the flick of a finger. Just like that. That is the power of the sword.

What do I dream? Same thing most folks around the world do. Simple, enjoyable life of abundance that fullfills mans desire to be grateful, helpful and kind to others. A life of respect and dignity, access to education, knowledge and the pursuit of a world based on truth. The flip side is one must have the knowledge of ones history before they can forge a path forward. To forget or be ignorant of the past, is why the vicious cycle of madness continues to plague humanity.

These statements are not to provoke my brothers and sisters whom may not see the world through the same eyes as I. Rather, my goal is to open a fair and balanced conversation on what many of us see as important topics in our current “Modern World”. A life spent on the pursuit of our collective histories has brought to light important discoveries that require the review of all persons whom call this place home. It’s imperative that we bring this the attention of all our neighbors so they can see with the own eyes real, tangible evidence of the premises we will herein make or infer.

Our goal is simply to bring to light the evidence and provide implications of their determent to our existence. One should be allowed to review, inspect references, note historical citations, and if need be inspect the physical documents at their respective locations. Enlightment can only come from within, it must be induced by each indiviudal. If you want to be told what to think, this will not be a place for you. We encourage critical thinking, investigation, and Rhetoric amongst peers.